Tourist Attractions

Wiltshire is a magnet for tourists in the summer, as there is so much for people of all ages to do, from the jousting tournaments and Longleat for the kids, to Stonehenge, Avebury stone circle and West Kennet Long Barrow for the more spiritually minded, right through to the Swindon outlet village and fantastic country walks for the grown ups.

Longleat was voted Family attraction of the year UK by the Good Britain Guide, it had many varied attractions for people of all ages, so don’t think it’s just for the kids. Ben Fogle covered the safari park in a lot of detail on the BBC’s Animal Park series and covered the sea-lion lake and boat which takes visitors out on it. They also have a huge maze, it’s one of the largest in the country and is said to be based on an original medieval design. Of course, there is tourist information, gift shops and plenty to eat and drink whilst you are there, or just take a picnic and relax down by the lake.

Many people like to stop in at Marlborough whilst visiting the county, it has the widest high street in the UK and has very few high street shops, a wide range of restaurants and pubs and the old merchants house which is a popular tourist attraction.  Marlborough town itself does not have much to do other than amble about, but all the real gems, such as Avebury stone circle and Silbury Hill are very close by, so it makes a good base for a visit.

Another huge draw to the county of Wiltshire is Stonehenge, it stands on the Salisbury Plains close to Amesbury. It’s a megalithic monument which it is believed was started in 3000BC, and added to and developed further over the following thousand years. It comprises 30 large standing stones over 10ft tall (above ground) each is said to weigh over 26 tonnes, there are 30 lintels which are mainly still in place, these are Sarsen stone, which contrary to popular belief can be found laying all around the wiltshire area, there are many on the downs close to Marlborough. There is a further circle inside this is smaller and made of different stone.

The Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon is a fourteenth century barn, and is one of the largest ever found in the UK, it’s open to visitors completely free of charge, it’s surrounded by old dairy barns which are now converted to house tea rooms, art galleries and craft shops.

Wiltshire is also home to more barrows than any other county, it’s almost impossible to drive anywhere without spotting them, so if you are looking for a n area of the UK to visit, which has plenty of tourist attractions, consider visiting Wiltshire.