A Special Day

Bridal Jewelry – a Special Way to Remember a Special Day
Many people spend a lot of money on jewelry for their wedding day only to subsequently put it away in a jewelry box, becoming almost ignored.  This is such a shame when it can be worn to remember and celebrate that special day and all those lovely moments associated with it.

Something Spectacular for Your Wedding Day
Every bride wants to look and feel special on her wedding day.  Of course, the main focus is on the dress but to set off the wedding gown, some really special jewelry will make her look and feel really confident about herself.  It is known that, in most cases, the gown is never worn again but the history doesn’t have to repeat itself in regards to wedding jewelry.  It is up to the individual how often she wears it but on wedding anniversaries it would be a really special way of remembering the occasion and not just the date. After all, everyone else can by a wedding outfit and wear it again, so why not the bride too, well perhaps not the whole thing!

It isn’t necessary to just stick to wearing your wedding jewelry on wedding anniversaries though, you can wear it any time you want; at any intimate meals out with your husband, special occasions such as theatre shows or if you are going on a cruise.

Many brides choose sets of matching jewelry for their big day and having a complete set of necklace, earrings and maybe a matching bracelet would complement any outfit.  Use your wedding jewelry to accessorize more than one outfit.  Think of the eternal “little black dress.”  How stunning would that look with some spectacular jewelry to set it off?  You don’t have to go out and buy something especially for the occasion; just use your wedding jewelry and you have got it made.

Wedding Jewelry is Versatile
Wedding outfits are usually white or cream and the type of jewelry that is worn is generally either pearls, diamonds or crystals.  Any of these would go beautifully with a formal gown.  To wear the treasured wedding jewels on a formal occasion such as this would once again make you feel special and remind you of the day that you took your vows.

Add the Element of Surprise
Next time you and your husband are planning on going out on a formal occasion, get out those wedding jewels, dust them off and wear them with pride, and see if your husband notices.  Men don’t notice these things very often, but if he does, he will be very touched that you want to remember your special day and even if he doesn’t, remind him and he’ll most likely be just as appreciative.

Of course, you will undoubtedly have wedding photographs taken by a professional and experienced wedding photographer and may even have film of everyone dancing to the party band you hired, but there are many memories you could have, however a piece of jewellery is second to none.

Remember that your wedding jewelry shouldn’t be an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry that you choose to ignore; it is a significant reminder of a celebration of your love for one another; use it as such.  Wearing your wedding jewelry is like wearing your heart on your sleeve and re-proclaiming that your love for each other is as strong as it ever was.  Wear your wedding jewelry with pride.