Personally Injured

If you personally have been injured in an accident, what can you do? There are multiple options open to you depending what kind of injury has been sustained, where it happened and under what circumstances.

The Type
Lets say you were walking through the town and a car careers off the road towards you, the driver is completely out of control and you are hit, assuming it’s not too serious, then you are probably in a very good position to make a claim, if the police were involved and the driver is prosecuted by them, you could easily get compensation if they are found guilty.  If not and you are confident that you have a case, you could try a no win no fee solicitor (or lawyer if you are reading this from the US) they have a pretty good success rate for the cases they take on, as they fund the whole court process them self and claim the compensation from the other party should you win, if they lose they fund it out of their own pocket. So you can be pretty confident if they take you on at all.

Where it Happened
OK so if you slice your finger in half with a kitchen knife whilst making the tea, you are going to struggle to find anyone to blame but yourself. If however it was an accident which happened at work, you may have a case. If you were not supplied adequate safety equipment for the task being undertaken, it could easily be seen as your employer being at fault. Of course you do need to consider how much you would get compared to the cold shoulder you would receive every day once back in the workplace, particular4ly if you work for a small company.

What were the Circumstances?
Essentially what I’m talking about here is were you being reckless or acting in a dangerous way yourself? Did you break an ankle stepping off the bus when it hadn’t actually stopped yet and there was a big sign saying “do not get off until the bus has stopped moving”. Or had someone left a bag laying across the step as you attempted to get off? I expect you know what’s coming here,,, Yes, the former is your own fault, the latter is an accident, so don’t think you can do whatever you like and expect to be compensated for the consequence.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a personal injury solicitor myself, so don’t take my advice, find a professional lawyer to discuss the case with, if for example you are around Wiltshire look for a personal injury solicitor in Swindon or depending on your particular location within wilt’s  a Cheltenham based personal injury solicitor, if however you are in Oxfordshire you are best with someone more local, so you can pop in to see them when you need to discuss specifics about the case, so try to find an Oxford personal injury solicitor. Any properly experienced and suitably qualified no win no fee solicitors will be able to advise about accidents at work or clinical negligence too, but it’s always nice to find a local one.