What to Wear

Weddings: What to Wear

Choosing the ideal outfit for a wedding can be a tricky balance.  For a start, you don’t want to upstage the bride or she’ll claw your eyes out.  The general rule therefore is not to dress top to toe in white/ivory/champagne/cream – whatever you want to call it.  And certainly don’t turn up in a veil.  Another no-no of wedding fashion is the dreaded black.  Now most women fall back on their LBD for events like these but, with a few exceptions, they can look a little bit funereal.  So it’s safer to opt for bright colours and pastels.

Do your research

Something a lot of people forget to do is to find out what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing.  If you turn up in the very same shade, you’ll run the risk of being grouped together with them all day.  If you can’t find out for any reason, go for something patterned.  It’s unlikely that the bridesmaids will show up in the same dress!

Also make sure you are aware of the time and venue of the wedding before hitting the shops.  An evening event will require an altogether dressier approach whereas daytime weddings usually involve a more relaxed style.

Seasonal Choices

Of course, the date of the wedding will play a large part in what you choose to wear.  You don’t want to be freezing your eyelashes off in a mini-dress in the middle of December, nor do you want to be sweating profusely in a thick woolly number in August.  If you’re attending a winter wedding, why not find a smart shift dress and team it with complementary tights and a thick jacket?  The same dress should work in the summer too if you remove the extras and choose instead to take a light shrug for later in the evening.

Footwear can be a bit difficult too so again, do your research.  If the reception is going to be in a floorless marquee, probably best to leave the stilettos at home, opting for a wider heel and fewer embarrassing sinking moments.  If the wedding is a casual affair, you might get away with flip flops that can be kicked off later for dancing, but do check the dress code (or lack thereof) before whacking on your Havaianas.

Hats Off – or On

Weddings and hats go hand in hand.  Try not to choose anything too overbearing or you’ll end up stealing focus (and probably blocking out half of the Bride’s cousins in the pictures).  A simple fascinator is a popular choice and there are plenty available on the high street.  You can even make your own if you’re feeling crafty.

Be Appropriate

This is especially important if you are attending a church wedding.  Remember to keep skirts to an appropriate length especially if you plan on having a knees up to the wedding band and put that cleavage away.  The bride will look daggers at you if half the congregation can’t tear their eyes from your décolletage or the wedding photographer takes more pictures of you, then they do of the happy couple.  Sophisticated and demure are good buzzwords, so bear them in mind.