• The Woodours collection (literally "Wood-Bear") tells the story of a Papa and Baby Bear

  • Woodours combines the best of teddy-bear cuddliness with a modern flair

  • This loving Papa and Baby duo is filled with activity and discovery

  • Unique original design by Anne Lelong

  • Easy to use

  • Woodours talks about the story of love between a father or grand father with his baby. Bear can be a wild animal strong and dangerous but can also be patient and nice with his baby. together they share a simple day greeting their friends and performing other timeless adventures that centre around a parent's love for his child.

    Ebulobo creates toys appropriate to the age of each child's vocation. Focused on the development of small and learning, The toys are available in three collections: "Are you crazy louloup" tells the story of a too greedy wolf, "Woodours" tells the love relationship between a papa bear and her cub and "The Peace and Love of the happy farm" tells the story of a little hippie farm, sores and peace Love.

    Box Contains

    1 x Woodours Wooden Blocks Bear

    ebulobo Woodours Wooden Blocks Bear - B004KOSTWS

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    ebulobo Woodours Wooden Blocks Bear - B004KOSTWS

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