Tourism and Supporting Industries

The tourism industry covers a huge range of companies and is said to be the worlds largest industry sector. The implications of tourism on the economy, be it local, national or international are huge, even to many supporting companies whom one would not initially consider to be tourism related at all.

Being a tourist can also cover a very wide range of activities, to visiting a wildlife park in a town nearby, to spending many thousands of pounds taking a 6 month cruise around the world. So when we consider this, it becomes quite easy to see the number of businesses which can directly be involved, let’s take an example of a weekend break from Wiltshire, to Barcelona, the break was probably booked through a website specialising in holiday bookings, the airline transported the tourist to the other country, a taxi or transfer service took them to the hotel in which they stayed, they ate and drank for the duration of the break they then had a return journey.This covers several of the key businesses involved which we would consider, however there are many many more involved indirectly.

Firstly that website through which the holiday was booked had to be designed by a web design company, that fact that it was found in the search engines means that an seo company probably optimised it to appear there, not to mention the search engines themselves who are huge business, plus all the hardware and software involved in making the purchase, from the internet card processing companies, through to those who design and supply software specifically to on-line tourism businesses.

The airline themselves have a multitude of supporting businesses, from the suppliers of in flight meals, to the companies who maintain the runways.

Hotels and restaurants support their local economies in a massive way from all the catering supplies purchased, towels and linen laundry services and local labour employed, those people in turn spending their wages in local shops and bars.

The companies mentioned above, are all outside of Wiltshire, so this doesn’t even consider the non tourist related services in the local area which may have been used to earn our imaginary traveller the money and lifestyle to travel around Europe in the first place.

There are numerous companies involved but if you would like to know a bit more about seo for tourism companies or wiltshire seo specialists please do browse around our site for more information. Or just do a search on Google if you want more information about any other aspect of the tourist industry.