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Jodha Akbar Costumes

Jodha Akbar is a Bollywood film based on a sixteenth century Mughal king called Akbar who marries a Jajiput princess called Jodha. The story is essentially a love story about the two. Here we discuss the costumes overall – there is a lot more to the clothes and jewellery in  the flim than the now common “Jodha bridal look” as copied from the advertisement poster.

Given that the film contains Mughals & Rajasthani royalty this means that Jodha Akbar costumes are lavish and the traditional. Jodha & Akbar did really exist, so the costume designers used portaits of them to reconstruct their garments & jewellery. The iconic look of Jodha on the advert was infact based on a turn of the 19th century painting not of Jodha (below right).

Jodha’s wedding dresses were all lengas in Rajistani style. The lenghas  were all made from vibrant silks. The stlye was to use patchwork in contrasting rich bright colours. Her lengha skirts contained contrasting boarders around the hem-line with this patch boarder picked up in the hem of the chuni also.

Each of Jodha’s outfits contained a minimum of 3 complementing colours – this has influenced Indian fashion  and current trends still use this idea of several colour in one outfit with a lot of boarder work. The colours which have proven most popular from the film are: the jewel colours – reds, rubies, emerald green & sapphire blue.

All Jodha’s costumes were heavily embroidered by hand, using traditional techniques not too different to how the true Jodha’s lenghas would have been made. The embroidery was predominately patti work, dhabka, zardoshi  in shades of  gold with some kundan work. There was no crystal/swarovsky used in the movie as this is not true to the traditional look, so if you are trying to mimic Jodha’s look avoid swarovsky crystal.

Jodha’s wore traditional Indian jewellery as worn by royalty in the 16th century. This was all solid gold sent with pearls &  gem stones and kundan jewellery. Again this has dictated Indian fashion & current Indian bridal jewellery is very much in this style. Ashwariya Rai wore a math patti for most of the film.

The costumes worn by Akbar’s mother were also stunning. She wore stunning, now Pakistani-style, lenghas with their distinctive sophisticated long lengha tops. Her necklines were also very high to maintain modesty. The mother of the groom also wore kundan but also stunning jhoomers. This is the perfect example of how the mother of a bride or groom can wear heavy jewellery,  provided it is in a traditional style and premium quality  an older woman can wear quite a lot of jewellery and look rich and sophisticated.

Akbar wore sherwanis typical of the era, again original portraits allowed costume designers to emulated the look accurately. Hritik’s outfits consisted of long A-shaped tops with matching pajamis and mojari shoes. He did not wear a scarf with his shewanis. Akbar mostly wore a regal turban decorated with a kalangi (turban pin) with pearl  chains

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